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The history of Britain isn’t just written in books or notched upon the landscape in Holloways or long barrows, it’s also contained in song.

What's it all about?

Since writing my new novel, ‘The Song Collector’ I’ve been enchanted by the idea of song collecting. Inspired by the tradition, I now want to create a communal portrait of contemporary Britain in song. Every hillside, village and city street has a song, some ancient and others new. We want to start a project to map as many songs as possible, put them up online freely available so that people can both listen to the music of their town, and if they like, learn their own local songs. We want to collect video, audio, sheet music, photos, lyrics - anything that helps to map out the musical landscape. We'd love for you to get involved.

Latest News

28th Jun 2015

The Great British Song Map will be at Holborn Library Monday 29th of June from 1pm to record songs and chat about The Great British Song Map.

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