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Natasha Solomons

Novelist and new song collecting enthusiast. With the help of these partners and colleagues, Natasha has developed ‘The Great British Song Map’. When not out hunting down songs with Helene, Natasha can be found writing in the studio or planting lettuces with her small son. She also works as a screenwriter.

Hélène Frisby

Helene has co-founded ‘The Great British Song Map’ with Natasha. She worked for many years as a producer for Radio 3, before running the Electric Palace in Bridport amongst other projects. Helene juggles song collecting and all things creative around playing hide-and-seek with her small children in the wilds of Somerset.

Wimborne Minster Folk Festival

We are thrilled to be launching The Great British Song Map at Wimborne Minster Folk Festival on June 13th.

Larma Tree Festival

Natasha and Tim will be talking and singing all things Song Map and Song Collector on July 17th. (See details on events page)

Martin Maudsley

The celebrated storyteller and singer, based in West Dorset.

Tim Laycock

Tim Laycock – the celebrated West Country singer, song collector, story teller and all round musician. Tim has been instruemental in collaborating on The Great British Song Map as well as advising Natasha on folk music during the writing of ‘The Song Collector’. He even read the manuscript before her mum!

The Song Collector's Collective

This fantastic project is run by Sam Lee and partners (including Tom McCarthy who sings ‘Migration Song’ on the Song Map). If you want to try your hand at field recording or learn more about tradition bearers and traveller singers, please visit this site. It really is the gold standard of Song Collecting.

Sam Lee

To say on Partners page: the legendary Shirley Collins chatting to Sam Lee and Natasha Solomons at the 2015 Song Collector’s Gathering in Blackheath. This project would simply not have been possible without the inspiration and support of Sam Lee. Link to his website. :

Cerrie Burnell

Cerrie Burnell – children’s author, tv presenter. Cerrie is a writer and performer. She travelled around India with Natasha when they were both 19.

Jeff Rona
Tom MacRae