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A podcast with Natasha Solomons interviewing Dorset based folk band Wikkerman about the quarrymen on the Island of Portland. Includes a song called Stonecutter. 

Natasha Solomons and Tim Laycock chat about the resilience of old songs -- how they never quite disappear, just lie dormant. Tim talks about the legendary Cecil Sharp through to his own meeting wit

Dorset folk expert and singer Tim Laycock and novelist Natasha Solomons talk about the real Song Collector behind Natasha's fictious main character in her latest novel The Song Collector.

Tim Laycock and Natasha Solomons chat about the strange tradition of wonder songs -- songs of mythical beasts, usually giants with magical properties.

Proceeded by a chat between Tim Laycock and Natasha Solomons about the connection between Dorset song & Newfoundland.

Natasha talks to Helene about learning to sing with Tim Laycock. Her absolute terror of singing in public... not made easier by being very pregnant!

Natasha and Helene discuss why Natasha keeps returning to musical themes in her books despite not being a musician herself -- just very bad flute player!

While contemplating what to write for her new novel, Natasha Solomons discovered that during the nineteenth century, a song collector, fiddle player, mischief maker and alehouse keeper called Benja

Natasha discusses the conncection between music and landscape and how listening to songs born out of the Dorset countryside inspired her new novel 'The Song Collector'.