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The Derby Ram/ Wonder Songs performed by Tim Laycock

12th May 2015 -- Helene

Tim Laycock and Natasha Solomons chat about the strange tradition of wonder songs -- songs of mythical beasts, usually giants with magical properties. Natasha included 'Dorset Woolly-Pig' in her first novel, 'Mr Rosenblum's List' which is another creature worthy of wonder song. If you know a wonder song featuring a woolly-pig please, please post it or let us know!

This version of the Derby Ram was performed by celebrated Dorset folk singer Charlie Wills who lived near Eype, Dorset (even though we pinned it to Derbyshire on the map). 

If you'd like to hear another  wonder song, we invite you to click on the crocodile song pinned to Buckland Newton on the Great British Song Map. 

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